Goldwing PathFinder Multi-Function LED Fog Lights designed to increase rider safety / visibility.

Lumens- 900LM each. Total 1800LM.

Color - 5700K 

Mode A: Super Bright Mode - Fog Lights + DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

Mode B: DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

Enhanced LED Strobe Mode: For parade and show purposes. Hidden feature activates with a series of button presses when first starting the bike. 

Mode Operations: Cycle through using the fog light switch or flash-to-pass between the Super Bright FOG + DRL mode or DRL Only mode to demand greater visibility while riding.

Entering Strobe mode is a hidden feature for show/parade use and should be used for these purposes. It can only be accessed when first starting up the bike and pressing the fog light a specified number of times.

The Fog Light Kit includes all necessary wiring, lights, brackets, switch and installation instructions.


2018-2019 Goldwing

2018-2019 Goldwing Tour

2022 Goldwing

2022 Goldwing Tour

Goldwing Multi-Function Pathfinder LED Fog Light Kit

  • $389.95
  • Save $30.00
  • $359.95

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