J&M ROKKER XXRP DSP controlled 4-channel 800-watt RMS fairing/rear speaker amplifier kit has been designed specifically for use on the 2018-2023 GoldWing Tour or Standard models.

Plug-n-play into the Goldwing's electrical system and provides 4 separate channels of amplification at 200 watts RMS continuous power per-channel into a 2 or 4-ohm speaker load.

Manually selectable on the amplifier itself for a 2-ohm or 4-ohm speaker.

This is a full range class D digital amplifier properly shielded against RF interference into the AM or FM stereo radio bands. 

The ROKKER XXRP amplifier uses advanced digital switching power supply technology to dramatically reduce the 12v current demands on the motorcycle electrical system, compared to other brand amplifiers in this power range. 

Amplifier mounts to the custom made stainless steel bracket system, to provide solid and secure mounting inside the left saddlebag.

These new ROKKER XXRP series amplifiers are fully programmable thru the internal digital signal processor (DSP) and come out of the box already dialed in for this specific stock or custom speaker configuration, to provide maximum highway performance from your Goldwing audio system.

To alter these DSP settings using the internal programming dongle already built into this new amplifier, (USB computer connection cable also included with this amplifier kit) specific custom amplifier programs are now available as a consumer download from the J&M website, along with the custom Bike-Builder's-App for those who want to fine tune their own specific amplifier adjustments. 

Also included are custom made heavy-gauge power and ground wires used for the fused battery & frame connections, mounting hardware &  installation instructions.

Amplifier itself measures 8 1/4" Long X 5 1/8" Wide X 1 5/8" Tall.


2018-2023 Goldwing

2018-2023 Goldwing Tour

Goldwing 800W Rokker Programmable Amplifier Kit

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