HS-EHI801-UNV-XHO 801 Elite-series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most Flip-front, Full face and Open face style helmets.

 Headset features re-tuned extra-high-output (XHO) AeroMike VI boom microphone, two slim-line 40mm high-intensity helmet speakers for improved on-highway audio performance, universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section cord.

Speaker Diameter - 40mm. Speaker Diameter with soft cover - 65mm.

Speaker Thickness - 10mm. Speaker Thickness with soft cover - 11mm.

Mic arm - 8" long.

Mic and upper cord holder are designed to clamp to the edge of helmet.

Note! Holder will not fit helmets with wide edge. Please check pictures and your helmet before ordering.

Note! The lower section cord is not included in the above price.

This J&M headset can be connected to most factory installed motorcycle audio systems just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord.

You will need a ā€œZā€ series lower-section cord for proper connection of this headset to your audio system.

801 Elite Series J&M Motorcycle Headset

  • Brand: J&M Audio
  • Product Code: HS-EHI801-UNV-XHO
  • $219.99
  • $175.95

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